Physician's Assistant A Good Career

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I would like to pursue a career as a physician’s assistant because it would be good to work with creating medicine for people in need and for other uses. A physician’s assistant’s job is to come up with new medicine for diseases and such so that people can heal better from the illnesses. Jobs for physician's assistants have escalated to 108,500 positions as of 2016 according to the AAPA (American Academy Of Physician's Assistants). A major reason why physician's assistant is a good career is that the short amount of education needed is great for someone who would like to get started in life quicker. Usually, to get into a PA program you would have to do at least three years of healthcare experience, then you would have to get your bachelor's degree and serve (if wanted) a two-year course to get a master's. The pay of a PA as of 2015 is 98,180 dollars a year, which is a stable salary for a job such as this one.…show more content…
Some of these basic skills include flexibility with schedules, organizational skills, as well as ability to multi-task and good communication skills. These are very important for a job as physician’s assistant because you would need to adapt to your boss’s schedule when they tell you plans have changed, which happens often. And you would also need to know how to do multiple things at once because you would have a lot of tasks on your hands and have to be organized as to how and when you’ll do them. Some technicals skills would be with data management and knowledge of the email systems, because you’d have to write a lot of emails for your boss, on busy days. You also need to manage budgeting and money related things for whatever company or place you’re working

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