Physician Assisted Suicide

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The Right to Die People die every twelve seconds, and are born every eight. As human beings, we believe that we should have a say over what happens to us. But when we give ourselves the power over others we can easily start to dictate their lives,and that human flaw starts many debates. Right now, someone is being diagnosed or dying of a terminal illness young people, old people, and even children, however, with today's technology and advancements, patients are given a choice. In some states, hospitals offer assisted suicide, a doctor prescribed type if suicide. But with such drastic and permanent effects the act of assisted suicide is widely and ruthlessly debated. I believe that a person should be allowed to make their own decision…show more content…
When a person is sick no matter the degree of illness their choices are being dictated by doctors and family members, much like what happened in the Terri Schiavo case. But most people realize that "It's their life, their decision,"(Tutor) friends and family want to give them the power over their fate. As humans, people should be able to make their own choices especially when it comes to a life and…show more content…
I believe that it is wonderful to live your life the way you believe it should be lived, but when you start to try and decide other people’s lives that is when problems and arguments begin. Many of these people attempt to change a suffering patient's decision, most times “[They are] asking [them] to reconsider,"(Earls). However the pro-life supporters in the same situation are also suffering, they have just as much pain to endure as the pro-choice supporters. Though some people have deluded themselves into believing that putting their family in the place of watching their parents or children wither away before their very eyes will "Enrich compassion and love and grace,"(Earls). Blind to the fact that their family is suffering a pain far greater than their illness will ever supply. Many say that one of the worst pains in life is burying someone you love, but what about watching them suffer slowly and turn into a person you no longer know? Though there are not only people doing it specifically for their religion there are also many doctors that refuse to allow their patients the option. They are devoted to the hippocratic oath that hinges on

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