Physician Assisted Suicide

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Death is it our right to decide when? Who has the right to decide when it is our time to go? Should the government, the insurance company, or ourselves decide? Should nature be able to take its course with no interference from humans? For years, physicsians have not been allowed to help patients with suicide. Dr. Jack Kevorkian brought it to the forefront when he was arrested and senteced to over 60 years in prison even though the families of his patients showed their gratitude towards him. Recent laws in Montana, Oregon, and Washington have started the trend of Physican assisted suicide, but the U.S Attorney General’s office, are determined to prevent such laws from passing. In the following pages we will look at the pros and cons of this highly debatable issue, and we will see which side you might lean to. Pros Cons 1) Patients pain can be unbearable 1) Goes against Physicians Hippocratic Oath 2) The right to die should be everyone’s right 2) Lessens the value of human life 3) Die with dignity 3) Open gates to less critical suicides 4) Reduces healthcare cost 4) Suicide goes against one’s religious belief 5) Families can say goodbye giving closure 5) Not giving the chance of recovery 6) Vital organs can be saved 6) Undue pressure for PAS by insurance companies 7) Without PAS patients would commit suicide in messy, horrible ways 7) Physicians given to much power Now let’s look at the pros of this controversial issue. Pain and suffering from ailments such as cancer can result in a slow painful death. Physicians have the knowledge and experience to know when a patient is going to die. Why would one want to suffer endlessly until the body gives out? Imagine, if one can, months of vomiting, coughing, pain spasms, loss of b... ... middle of paper ... ...ine do you stand on, or are you still like many people still standing in the middle? Works Cited Belluck, P. 1999b. Physician-assisted suicide advocates see gains in Kevorkian case. New York Times, March 30, A13. Muller-Busch HC, Oduncu FS, Woskanjan S, Klaschik E. Attitudes on euthanasia, physician-assisted suicide and terminal sedation – a survey of the members of the German Association for Palliative Medicine. Med Health Care Philos 2004;7:333–9 Whitney SN, Brown BW, Brody H, Alcse KH, Bachman JG, Greely HT. Views of United States Physician and Members of the American Medical Association House of Delegates on Physician-assisted Suicide. J Gen Intern Med 2001;16:290–6 American Geriatrics Society (AGS). (2007). Physician-assisted suicide and voluntary active euthanasia. Retrieved from

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