Physician-Assisted Suicide

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Physician-assisted suicide
It is difficult to make a decision on someone’s life without being in his or her situation. That is why the topic of physician-assisted suicide is a challenging one. Each patient is unique and should have his or her individual situation looked at separately from everyone else, because patients respond to their individual diseases differently. Unfortunately, there can only be one law that governs all. When all facts are taken into consideration, the side of illegalizing physician-assisted suicide prospers as the correct choice. Physician-assisted suicide should be illegal because it ensures that patients are not being pressured to die, and it keeps doctors from breaking their Hippocratic Oath. Also, those that are for physician-assisted suicide falsely use the concept of dignity.

Frequently, when a patient is in intensive care or has some sort of deadly disease, they require a lot of medical attention. However, they also require an equal amount of attention and support from their family and friends. Naturally, the patient will begin to feel like they are a burden to those around them. From the patient’s perspective, he or she is making their family and friends devote all of their time and energies at the hospital. They also feel that their family and friends no longer have time to do anything other than keep him or her company. The patient may begin to feel like they have become the main focus of their family and friends lives. This can pressure the patient into thinking the best solution is to surrender and just die, even if that is not what they want. The patient can easily become delusional with this type of thinking. However, little does the patient know, their family and friends want to be the...

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...too much pressure on themselves in order to relieve their family and friends of the anxiety attributed with having to take care of a terminally ill person. Not to mention the pressure that physicians and insurance companies will put on the patient, in order to save money and keep premiums low. In addition, euthanasia directly conflicts with the Hippocratic Oath, which most physicians pledge. On top of that, it will highlight the idea that the only way to have a dignified death is to use physician-assisted suicide. Illegalizing euthanasia benefits the patients and is essential in order to make sure they receive fair, and proper treatment in the last stage of their life.

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