Physician Assisted Suicide

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2465 words

Assisted suicide is a very contentious topic in the world today. Everyone has their own opinion on this subject and it is a socially debated subject that involves a person making a choice, whether it is a choice to continue on with their life or give up hope and end their life. This should be a choice a person should make for themselves. While in the United States only one state has legalized assisted suicide. I agree with assisted suicide and this paper will support my feelings on this subject. What is Physician assisted suicide? Physician assisted suicide (PAS) is also called Physician aid-in-death (PAD) is a practice that a physician gives competent, terminally ill patients the means of getting and giving themselves a deadly dose of medications. The first thing the patient has to do is talk to their physician to see if they participate in this type of act. Then after they figure that out the entire have to do is explain their reasons for this type of help and the physician writes out a prescription for the drug that the patient will administer. While the patient will administer the drug themselves a physician or someone else has to be present to witness the procedure. Depending on the type of drug the use will depend on if the death is quick or a little slower to allow time with family. Amongst the legal and medical communities there are many definitions of assisted suicide, along with the contentious debate of suicide that is assisted by a physician rather a family member or friend. PAS has some benefits with it but it also has some disadvantages. The benefits of assisted suicide for the terminally ill individual are significant, even though the debates still raise questions about the responsibilities of the medical comm... ... middle of paper ... ...d insensitive but physician assisted suicide offers great relief to those who are terminally ill and suffering. The individual who is suffering from these types of conditions should have the right to die with dignity and not have to suffer due to great pain; this should be realized by the public, medical community, and any group that has any type of ethical concern. Works Cited Gupta, Deepak. “Euthanasia: Issues Implied Within”. Internet Journal of Pain, Symptom Control & Palliative Care 4.2 (2006). Spinney, Laura. “Last rights.” New Scientists (2005). Marsh. “At the hour of death”. America 193.16 (2005): 4 Miller, Nora. “Death with dignity or a criminal act”? A Review of General Semantics. 63.1 (2006): 106 Stringham, Edward. “End of life Decisions and the Maximization of Length of Life.” Journal of Social, Political & Economic Studies 30.2 (2005): 193.

In this essay, the author

  • Argues that terminally ill patients should have the right to decide when and how their life ends — being kept alive by modern technology is cruel and inhumane.
  • Opines that a terminally ill patient should not feel forced to decide to perform their own suicide, which can be painful and sometimes unsuccessful.
  • Explains that assisted suicide advocates address the issue as a matter of personal freedom and personal choice, but many people think of it in terms of ethics and religion.
  • Explains that physician assisted suicide is a complex issue because sentiment about the practice ranges from strong support on personal freedom to religious feedback that insists that it is murder.
  • Argues that medical treatment and interventions aren't enough to ensure a dignified life. with physician assisted suicide legalized, patients with terminal conditions can die with dignity and peace.
  • Concludes that the debate about physician assisted suicide is complex because of the values each side being rooted in two different areas.
  • Explains gupta, deepak, and the internet journal of pain, symptom control & palliative care.
  • Explains that assisted suicide is a socially debated topic that involves people making choices about whether to continue on with their lives or give up hope and end their life.
  • Argues that the involvement of physicians in assisting a patient suicide is cruel and inhumane because they are supposed to be dedicated in the healing of the patient.
  • Opines that death with dignity or a criminal act? a review of general semantics.

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