Physician Assistant: Making the World a Happier, Healthier Place

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I realized that I liked helping those in need when I was very young. For instance, in elementary school, we were playing tag and Gunnar slipped and smacked his face on a fence. I was the first one there to help him and calm him down until a teacher arrived. I felt happy knowing I could help a friend in need. Working with people has always interested me. My mom is a paramedic and my aunt is a physician, so I have always heard interesting stories about jobs in the medical field. After I did some research, and took an interest inventory test, I knew that physician assistant was the career for me ("Physician Assistants." WISCareers). Physician assistants have many interesting tasks and are always busy. I think physician assistant is the career for me, because as a physician assistant I would help many people with many different problems, and I think that would be very rewarding. There are many pros to becoming a physician assistant. Physician assistant is an excellent career for people who like to solve problems, such as myself. There are very good job opportunities for people pursuing a career as a physician assistant and physician assistants make a very comfortable living. Along with these pros there are a few cons. This job can be stressful, especially in emergency situations, when dealing with people in pain who require quick thinking to help them. Physician assistants also see some unpleasant things that require a strong stomach. Physician assistants are also making rounds all day, seeing all their patients, which can get exhausting ("Physician Assistant." Healthcare Careers) In order to become a physician assistant, I need extensive amounts of schooling because, I will have many job responsibilities as a physician... ... middle of paper ... ...t=true&isshowjobchart=false&isshowsalarydetailcharts=false&isshownextsteps=false&isshowcompanyfct=false&isshowaboutyou=false>. "National Average Wage Index." Social Security n.pag. Social Security. Web. 25 Feb 2014. . "Physician Assistant." Healthcare Careers (2014): n.pag. Web. 25 Feb 2014. . "Physician Assistants." Occupational Outlook Handbook (2014): n.pag. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Web. 25 Feb 2014. . "Physician Assistants." WISCareers (2014): n.pag. WISCareers. Web. 25 Feb 2014. . Two Year Curriculum Outline (2014): n.pag. School of Physician Assistant Studies. Web. 25 Feb 2014. .

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