Physician Assistant Goals Essay

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My ultimate goal of becoming a Physician Assistant has only strengthened since coming to Valparaiso University. Although I have achieved my goal of being accepted into a 5-year accelerated program, I have not stopped setting more goals. During my first semester I set a goal to finish with a 3.7 GPA and I finished with a 3.75. This would not have been possible if I hadn't gone to my professor's office hours, attended study sessions, and asked questions in class. Everyday I am challenged by the intensity of this program, but I continue to try to make myself better. Along with my academic goals, I also decided that I wanted to get more involved on campus and get back into the habit of doing volunteer work. Earlier this month I rushed for a sorority…show more content…
When coming to college, I realized that I would have to step out of my comfort zone in order to get involved. At Valparaiso, I am surrounded by people from different religions, cultures, and countries. At first I wasn't used to the diversity, but now I have really learned the appreciate everyone and where they come from. This has made me a better person because I am more open to new ideas and am inspired to reflect on my own life and values. I do many community service events with my sorority. Just this week we did an event where we all came together and made Valentine's for men and women in the military. Although it was a small act of kindness, it hopefully will give them a smile and make their day a little better. It helped me appreciate all that I had because it reminded me of the fact that not everyone has their family with them for days like this of joy and love. My main concern about college is the price of tuition at Valparaiso. One downfall to the 5 year Physician Assistant program is that I have to take classes during the summer, which adds to my total tuition costs. The opportunity that I was given to be in the program was an opportunity that I couldn't turn down, and I hope that through scholarships I will be able to stay in the
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