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Physician Assistant’s are medical providers who, depending on the state, practice on their own, and work under the supervision of a licensed physician or doctor. They complete a master's degree from an accredited physician assistant program. Like physicians, PAs can specialize in a variety of medical specialties. PA’s are specialized in different fields and it just depends on what they studied in college. All physician assistants are alike in their profession, but could be different in many different ways. Some work directly under a doctor/physician at a hospital and see him daily and are told what to do. Others work at their own clinic and see the doctor or physician they work under every once in awhile. They’re are many different controversies …show more content…

You need two years of postgraduate schooling after your basic four. Most people going into training already have bachelor’s degree and some type of healthcare training. Most people that are physicians assistants did not go into college wanting that to be there job. Majority of them were EMT’s or registered nurses before and decided to go into the physicians assistant program. There are a lot of important skills needed to be a physicians assistant and those can make or break your career. Communication, emotional stability, and compassion are very important to have. Communication is key to be able to talk to your patients and let them know what is going on. Emotional stability is important to not break down when things go wrong with your patient and to not show weakness, staying positive. Compassion for your patients is also important to let them know you care and want to be there to help …show more content…

Many people overlook going into medicine due to the fact of it taking eight years to graduate and to get your doctorate. Although it is still six years to be a physician assistant it puts it in perspective that it is only two extra years past what normal jobs are. Would you go through two more years of school to make 100,000 plus dollars a year? Not saying to go into this profession for the money but it truly makes it more realistic to go into medicine. Also a lot of the time people will become a PA and go practice for a couple years and decide they want to go back for another two years and be a doctor. It’s nice to be able to stop after two years, have a job with good pay, and relax and be able to go back whenever you feel

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that physician assistants are medical providers who, depending on the state, practice on their own and work under the supervision of a licensed physician or doctor.
  • Explains that pas are gaining acceptance in the eye of the public every day, but many people still don't really know what a pa is.
  • Explains the importance of communication, emotional stability, and compassion in becoming a physician assistant.
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