Physical and Emotional Pain in Red Badge of Courage

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Physical and emotional pain is what the tattered solider illustrates in the book. The tattered solider's pain comes from all of the horrible things associated with war. Him going crazy brings emotional pain and the physical pain is brought on by the endurance of war. "There was a tattered man, fouled with dust, blood and powder stain from hair to shoes, who trudged quietly at the youths side." (pg 50) The tattered solider also characterizes the toughness people can endear. "... the tattered soldier had two wounds, one in the head and the other in the arm, making that member dangle like a broken bough." (pg 51) "'Was a pretty good fight, wa'n't it?' Said the tattered man." (pg 51) Even through the harshness of war people will find something inside of them, overcome it and not let it bother them. "His homely face was suffused with a light of love for the army which was to him all things beautiful and powerful." (pg 51) The tattered solider goes out and lives through the tough endurance of war but he finds something inside of h...

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