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Physical therapy is very important. It will always be needed throughout society. It helps the human body restore strength in people that have been injured, have birth defects, and any other reasons. There are strict educational rules when it comes to this job though. Physical therapy would be a good career for someone that likes to help people and wants to work in the medical field. Physical therapy is important to a lot of people. It will be always be needed. People will always need help regaining their strength after an injury. Athletes are usually the ones that need physical therapists. Many athletes have to go to physical therapists sometime throughout their careers. Physical therapists don’t only work with athletes though. Sometimes…show more content…
They’re required to get a doctoral degree. This usually takes about 3 years to complete. Not everyone is accepted into the physical therapy programs though. Students typically need to earn bachelor’s degrees, complete certain science prerequisite courses, gain volunteer or observation experience in the area of physical therapy, submit GRE (Graduate Record Examination scores, and maintain acceptable GPAs. All physical therapists are required to be licensed by their states. In order for them to get certified for a specific kind of physical therapy, they must have completed at least 2,000 clinical practice hours in their specialty area. Physical Therapists can specialize in many different areas. There is rehabilitation, community health, industry, sports, research, education, and administration. Most focus on rehabilitation and sports.
In rehabilitation, closely practice with their other health care personnel in hospitals or rehab centers to determine patients’ goals. They review and assess patients that are recovering from an injury, surgery, or
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They report studies in basic and clinical sciences that’ll lead to new technology and more effective physical therapy care.
For education, physical therapists develop skills to prepare students for this career. They design, plan, conduct, and report on scholarly activities that contribute to new technology in the physical therapy world.
In administration, they manage physical therapy departments and clinics. They also provide consultative services to colleagues and health care providers. On average, most physical therapists work in offices of physical, occupational and speech therapists, and audiologists. 27% work in hospitals, whether it be local, state, or private. 12% have jobs in home health care services. The rest of them work in nursing and residential care facilities and offices of physicians. They spend most of their time on their feet working with their patients. Physical therapists are more prone to having chronic back pain. Becoming a good physical therapist means that you must have compassion. They work to help people that are experiencing pain, so they should have empathy for that person. They must also be detail oriented. They need to be able to diagnose a person’s problem, evaluate treatments, and provide good care for their patients. There are many other skills that they must also

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