Physical Therapy: A Career As A Physical Care Profession

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Physical therapy is the most exciting healthcare profession. Being able to wake up every morning to help other people who have problems with their body is amazing. From joints to muscles, spinal cord, heart disease, lower back pain, head injuries, arthritis, fractures, and many other disabling conditions a physical therapist will be by your side one hundred percent. The job of a physical therapist is to evaluate your problem or difficulties. Once the evaluation is completed the therapist provides the patient an assessment test. This test usually checks for muscle strength, joint motion, flexibility, balance, and coordination. They also check for any neurological problems and analyze your movement and range of motion. Next, the physical therapist …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that physical therapy is the most exciting healthcare profession, as it helps people who have problems with their body.
  • Explains that becoming a successful physical therapist starts with gaining an education, which helps students develop social interactions, contribute to the economy, and prepare them for careers.
  • Explains the qualities that will help them become a successful physical therapist.
  • Explains that the last step to becoming a successful physical is understanding that it's not all about the money, but the patient and the love you have to heal people.
  • Opines that due to their great personality and wonderful characteristics, they will become a successful physical therapist.

An education is a foundation for many people lives. Having an education will develop social interactions, help students become more creative, it aids us to contribute to the economy and prepare us for of career. A physical therapist must be able to handle the school work that is given to them. When applying to a DPT program your minimum prerequisite GPA must be 3.0, which I exceed. You must also take the GRE and have at least average score of one-hundred fifty. This will also look very good when applying to a DPT program. Then you must have observation hours. Some school may accept fifty hours, and other may take one-hundred and more. So far I have been able to complete over sixty hours of observation. I have been able to Prepare the treatment room for patient by following prescribed procedures and protocols. I also help treat patients by applying heat packs, assisting patients into a whirlpool, monitoring their motion, measuring mobility, performing prescribed exercises and strengthening techniques as an example. All of these assets I learned from my observation gives me an advantage on to become a successful physical therapist. In addition, to become a successful physical therapist you must have the proper resume as well. In every career, you have to provide your profession with a resume which must contain every feature about yourself to show why your a better fit than the rest. Your resume …show more content…

Most people want to work in the healthcare world because most healthcare providers make around $80,000 and up to even $650,000 dollars. However, it does not matter. Becoming a physical therapist is not about the money, it's about the patient and the love you have to heal people. Being a physical therapist is also a social job, it's not like your regular doctor you make checkup with and barely speak to. Your physical therapist knows he is going to get paid but the main reason for being the therapist is to bring joy back into people's heart. This profession is allowing a patient to avoid surgery, and to educate them and their fellow colleagues The purpose of the career is to help, not to worry about how much money you're going to make if you see thirteen patients a day or what your salary going to look

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