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How does Physical Therapy help you recover from pain? This has always been an interesting question of mine that I have contemplated. The complex process of how Physical Therapy heals you from your pain amazes me. Everybody’s pain is different- some have surgery and are recovering, others are just sore. Everyone has a different pain that Physical Therapists need to know how to work it out. Physical Therapists have many different methods of healing your body; however, in order to use these methods you need to have a College diploma. In college there are many classes that you need to take to get into the Physical Therapy field. I plan on attending Grand Canyon University in the Fall 2014. The required classes for their undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Biology with an Emphasis in Pre-Physical Therapy are: University Success, English, Christian Worldview, Philosophy and Ethics, Math, numerous Biology courses, History, Sociology, many Psychology courses, Anatomy, Chemistry, Genetics, Athletic Training, Kinesiology, Physiology, Pharmacology, various Exercise science courses, Health Care, Physics, and Lifespan Development. Many of these courses are not only lectures, but also labs that are required- for example: Chemistry lab and lecture that are 2 credits each. Between your 2nd and 3rd years in college, you will be expected to work as an intern, where you will be shadowing Physical Therapists and learning about their occupation. After you have finished your four years of undergrad, you will be given the choice whether or not to further pursue a higher degree. The next step if you choose to further your education would be to get your Masters degree. After you have acquired you can either move start your career, or continue your edu... ... middle of paper ... ...ed when I went to go shadow a physical therapy clinic. When I first went to go shadow at Thunderbird physical therapy office, I felt immediately welcome there. My mentor was Sarah Somers who was very nice and took care of her patients. She would have a new patient every hour and said “If you ever have any questions about what’s going on just ask”. Just from watching I gained a lot of knowledge from what was going on. I learned that it wasn’t just all about how to help your patient recover from their pain but also to connect with them. It’s important for your patients to feel comfortable around you so they can talk to you on how they are doing and how they actually feel. It’s good to be able to make patients feel complacent around you so you can be recommended by other patients and doctors. Works Cited www.aaphysicaltherapy-com/five-types-of-physical-therapy-html

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