Physical Therapal Therapy: The Process Of Physical Therapy

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Almost everyone in the world has at some point been injured. In a large number of these cases, individuals require physical therapy. Physical rehabilitation not only pushes the body, but it pushes the mind to intense extremes. It can be a very painful experience, but also a very necessary one. This is why Physical Therapists, and the therapy itself are essential to those wishing to be rehabilitated. The process of physical therapy starts by finding somewhere that suits your needs. Once you have done so a Physical Therapist will perform an objective evaluation. This includes Palpitation, a process where they will touch around where the pain is coming from to check for swelling, tenderness, and inflammation. The next thing that they do is …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that almost everyone in the world has at some point been injured. physical therapy pushes the body and the mind to extremes.
  • Explains that physical therapy starts with finding a place that suits their needs and performs an objective evaluation, such as palpitation, range of motion, and muscle testing.
  • Explains that after the therapist has evaluated what exercises will best suit them, they make a list for you to accomplish each time you return to the clinic.
  • Explains that therapy sessions start with exercises that work on your range of motion, and get the muscles igniting again. the final stage of recovery is when you begin to do tasks without assistance.
  • Opines that it is an overwhelming experience to have a part of your body not work like it used to. physical therapy requires re-learning how to use that body part.
  • Opines that physical therapy is a great way to understand how the mind and body correlate to each other.
  • Opines that physical therapy can work miracles if you buy in to what you are doing.

They give you long term and short-term goals. You have to take the goals with a grain of salt, because they have to give you a goal that is reasonable regardless of how hard you work. So, take me for instance, they told me that it would take me at least six months until I would be able to perform sports at my high school again. This set a fire under me, and after months of hard work I was able to return back to my team after just 4 months. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth …show more content…

For most patients who go through physical therapy you will have to re-learn how to use that certain body part. Which is something that I feel everyone takes for granted, and I didn’t realize that until I had to learn how to walk for the second time in my life. The body goes through so much distress as you are working to rehabilitate it back to where you want it. One of the hardest things for me was watching the muscle atrophy. I had to watch the muscle that I had been building up just diminishing away with time. I had to refrain from looking at my legs, and wearing tight pants to keep myself in a good state of

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