Physical Stress And Its Effects On Children With Depression And Anxiety Symptoms

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Physical activity is one of the last things some people worry about. With the busy lives and constant advances in electronics, there are thousands of other things to do before going for a fun pops into a person’s mind. But at what point do you really need to go for that dreaded run? Physical inactivity has shown increased risk in premature death, as well as increased risk in a number of different diseases. Not only does physical activity provide a person with obvious physical benefits, but it also helps Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and people with depression by reducing symptoms. Physical activity may have a lot of physical benefits, but along with those physical benefits are many mental benefits. Many medical professionals recommend exercise to reduce some depression and anxiety symptoms. In February 2014, the Mayo Clinic wrote a short article about the benefits of exercise. In this article, they talk about the most obvious benefit to exercise- weight management. The article also outlines the mental benefits, such as improved mood, regulated sleep, and a boost in energy (“Exercise: 7 Benefits of Regular Physical Activity”). Exercise is recommended for people with depression because physical activity releases endorphins, “feel-good chemicals,” in the brain. It also increases body temperature, which can have a calming effect on the body. When the body is calm and a little worn out, the ability to fall asleep, and more importantly stay asleep, drastically increases. When there is less left over energy, the body just wants to recover. Providing an outlet for stress, many business professionals and students have added more physical activity into their daily lives. The benefits of exercise, not only physical benefits, have... ... middle of paper ... ...n body temperature which has calming effects on the body. Physical activity gives people with depression social interactions. Joining a gym or having a trainer provides a community for people, which is one of the biggest benefits for depression patients. If the person is feeling down about themselves in particular, physical activity could help the gain confidence as they lose weight or become more comfortable in their own skin. One thing that medical professionals stress with depression patients is that physical activity can happen in baby steps. It does not necessarily mean joining an LA fitness in a day, anything that increases the heart rate is good for people with depression, such as walking a dog or washing the car. In recent studies and articles, health care professionals recommend physical activity before prescribing medications that reduce depression symptoms.

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