Physical Landscape Vs. Psychological Landscape

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“The Lamp at Noon” written by Sinclair Ross, it is about a couple who lives at the dusty and windy prairies during the Great Depression. The drought & the dust storm has taken has taken the couples happiness and changed their life. The other story by Sinclair Ross, “The Painted Door” is very similar to “The Lamp at Noon”, a couple living up on the mountains experiences a very severe snow storm, this causing the conflict on the couple due to feel of isolation. Setting is a crucial element to establish a conflict that could change the characters action, thoughts and words. “The Lamp at Noon” and “The Painted Door” is one of the greatest examples of them, if Ross used the settings that was not harsh these conflict would have never occurred. Sinclair Ross portray the psychological landscapes of his characters by mirroring location, time and weather with the characteristics of the characters. One of the settings most important factor is location. Location is the basic aspect of the story such as conflict, reaction, character and plot. Sinclair Ross used the aspect of the location very we...

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