Physical Health And Mental Health

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The dictionary definition of mental health is, “psychological well-being and satisfactory adjustment to society and to the ordinary demands of life, the field of medicine concerned with the maintenance or achievement of such well-being and adjustment” ( In other words, mental health is the way people deal with their feelings and how they act throughout their day. Mental diseases, such as depression, could cause people to think of going through the day as a chore and could become really upset at the idea of having to continue to get up and do the same thing over and over again. Mental illnesses cause people to look at life differently or see good things through a different eye. Physical health and mental health are both important…show more content…
This means that over a span of five months, students cannot exceed a ten day absence. Mental health can cause students to overthink and overanalyze situations at any moment throughout the day. If a student with depression has an episode, they can become numb, which makes it harder to attend school (Sack). Most schools around the world focus on physical health more than they show concern about how their students are doing mentally. If a student with any mental disorder needs longer than ten days a semester, they need to seek their doctors approval for a chronic illness form. This states that a student officially has a disorder, and they can now exceed the ten day absence but can not exceed twenty absences in school. Although some may say that physical health is more important than mental health, doctors stress the importance of someone's mental health as well as their physical well being (Reid). Being gone from school for more than twenty days could negatively affect students grades but with today’s technological advances, students can now work at home off of any electronic device. This “negative affect” on students grades is now…show more content…
Forty-one students out of one hundred and seventy four who were surveyed at Grand Blanc High School said that they were unsure if they had a mental disorder or not. To avoid situations like the Aurora shooting or receiving an attendance contract, seeking medical attention could help save your life and others as well (Holmes, Szalavitz). Some people are afraid to talk to their parents about these feelings become of what the outcome could be, but teachers and advisors are always available to talk, without

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