Physical Evidence In Criminal Investigation

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Physical evidence is additionally important in every criminal investigation because too often witness accounts are sometimes biased or unreliable. Physical evidence such as trace evidence, DNA, and fingerprints may objectively attach one or more persons to a victim or suspect to a crime. Favorably, physical evidence can also demonstrate inestimable for exonerating an innocent suspect. Laboratory members and criminal investigators should perform together to resolve the biggest portion of evidence to institute the right suspect for a strong prosecution. Willingly, investigation officers should aggressively contact laboratory personnel when questions arise about the cases because DNA evidence is sensitive. Unfortunately, DNA evidence…show more content…
In addition to, all criminal justice parties including lawyers, law enforcement officers, and forensic science analysis should be positive that the biological evidence has been properly stored, preserved, and tracked properly to prevent contamination. Biological evidence custodians require paying close attention to the evidence labeling and packaging, that way the evidence can efficiently locate from one location to another without degradation being…show more content…
In fact, 1 Nano gram or less can produce unexceptional information to find a suspect or a victim of a crime. By means of this technology an investigator can extend their criminal investigation beyond the realms of traditional semen or dried up blood. Crime scenes may consist of less valuable DNA, it subsequently depends on the environmental conditions where the DNA was found. For certain, a sequence of factors ramifies the capability to obtain a pleasing DNA profile. By any means, extended exposure to any type of biological evidence can degrade the DNA, and therefore renders it useless for further analysis. DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) are the molecules that carry the genetic information of a living being. At a disadvantage, forensic scientist’s only options were to focus on blood factors such as A, B, and O as their only means of linking a suspect to the crime. Plasma is the fluid portion of blood and blood refers to the complex mixture of proteins, cells, enzymes, and inorganic materials. DNA testing is a method used to study collective variations. Each method is unique and has different and has their own limitations and variations and may have different technical

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