Physical Education Teaching Essay

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Geena Garcia-Wagner Physical Education Teacher/Coaching For my Senior Project I choose to experience and research the skills, techniques, tools needed and other small characteristics to become a physical education teacher/coach. I have taken physical education class since I was in Kindergarten and I know I am capable of doing the class but that doesn’t include all the teaching skills. The main reason why I wanted to research and experience this career path because I wanted to know if I have what it takes to be a physical education teacher/coach. Before I started researching physical education teaching/coaching I knew a few aspects of the career because of participating in physical education class for about eleven years. Based upon my experience with physical education class and previous sports I’ve played I knew the teacher/coach had to be very supportive and motivational towards his/her students. Also the teacher/coach must be able to teach different activities such as running and stretching. Most importantly a teacher/coach must be able to teach his/her students to be active and healthy. What I wanted to learn based on my experience and researched was how to handle different age groups. For example I questioned if it is easier to work with students from ages nine to eleven years because they are young and very active or is it harder because they are very active which could cause them to not participate or corporate? I wanted to discover this portion of the career because I wanted to know what would be a suitable placement for myself. I also wanted to know the other characteristics such as salary, employment, and other responsibilities that must be taken on. Most importantly I wanted to know what type of degree I’m required... ... middle of paper ... ...a full time or part time physical education teacher/coach, helping a family member, or even a friend. I don’t feel like there is anything else I would like to know about physical education teaching/coaching because I believe just knowing I will be helping children become physically active is enough. And based upon my research if I become a physical education teacher/coach I will try my hardest to succeed in all skills, requirements, and job duties to help children in my community be physically active. Just seeing Mr. Ballatori have such a positive influence teaching his students and just having them thank him for his effort was amazing. By researching, interviewing, and mainly shadowing Mr. Ballatori has really inspired me to become a physical education teach because one day I would love to change a child’s life and know that I am a positive influence for them.
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