Physical Education Case Study

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Although we might not always notice it, institutions such as schools are a huge part of our lives and their practices often shape our behavior and attitudes. As an example of such phenomenon, I will be discussing the gendered practices of physical education in the public-school system of the United States. Currently, the purpose of Physical Education is to help students exercise and maintain a healthier lifestyle. The curriculum frameworks are dictated by the department of education of each state and administrators and educators are required to implement it. In addition, students are required to adhere to the curriculum and take the fitness tests to obtain a passing grade and to graduate. Most of us would agree that Physical Education was a painful but…show more content…
When female soccer players were presented with a study about the incompetence of female soccer players, they took longer to perform a dribbling task than those who read a paper about the growing popularity of soccer (Hermann and Vollmeyer 2016). The women in this study were part of soccer clubs, which means they had been playing the sport for years, yet their performance diminished by stereotype threat. If this is true for them, imagine the damage that gendered physical education can have on a young girl’s views of sports and their abilities to succeed in sports. It is then no surprise that girls are less likely to engage in sports. It is not a manifestation of their biological differences, it is merely a response to the socialization process they have been exposed to. This is so engrained in our society, that there are even commonly used phrases such as “You throw like a girl,” which is used as an insult, that illustrates how girl’s abilities, when it comes to sports, are considered less than

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