Physical Development : Accumulative, And Socio-Emotional Development

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Human being physical, cognitive and socio-emotional development is accumulative. Throughout our life we all go to similar stages; childhood, adolescence, young adulthood and old age, which are the step that we take to embark on the starting point of our journey and that later become the completion of our life, each stages carries its own set of expectation that should be complete and surpassed the previous. As we develop we grow and aged and as our development progresses we changes the way we retain information and our ability to understand the world around us. My early development has shaped into the person that I am today; all the harsh moments that I have gone through serve and were necessary to model me so I can reach my full potential. Early development started in my mother’s womb is was the first place I knew as a baby, then I developed into a fetus and begin to be aware of my surrounding, after of couple months I came into existence. I am the youngest of my family, I was a normal, healthy baby that rarely gets sick, but when I turn two years old the doctor diagnosed me with “Pyelonephritis” a severe kidney infection caused by bacteria invading the urine. My mom had had to stop working because the doctor told her, that my case was complicated that it could result in kidney stone or other structural abnormalities and in the worst case it could also mean death. Bear in mind, that in the U.S an infection, especially in children is practically normal, but where I was born particularly in 1990s. That type infection was considered lethal for children. So my mom stop working for a year in half to take care of me. Consequently, I got better and mom when back to work again. As a result of my illness, I grow a stronger bond with my ... ... middle of paper ... ...m my mother June 28, 2007 my sibling and I reunited with our mother. Life was worth living again, I need it a change; coming to the United States inevitably impact my life and it was a challenge. I enter the country confronting countless challenges; new country, new language, new school, new friends and new societal standard. Back in my country, I was always willing to speak up in groups and love to get involved in different activities in school, but not being able to communicate effectively with my teachers and classmate was very hard and frustrating for me. I was discriminated against because I didn’t know the language. The children in my school would laugh at my accent, and that affected my performance in school greatly. Most teenagers, especially in the U.S. find it very difficult to accept someone that is new into their group mostly because of the peer pressure.

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