Physical, Cognitive and Emotional Development of Young Adults

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The personality and social development of human is influenced during young adult development stages which are physical, cognitive, and emotional. ( Crandell & Bieger, 1994) ( refer to Figure 1 in Appendix 1). Young adult range from late teens to early twenties. During young adulthood, human’s thought are getting more complex and critical as them intergrate both cognitive and emotional. Young adult are getting to values realtionships and making decisions based on future consequences. ( Aiken, 1998). At this stage, human will develop skills and maximize physical and intelectual capabilities.
Firstly, the development of adolescence is the physical changes where there is physical maturation occurred. The adolescences experience and undergo the maturing of their body changing physically from their childhood physical and become aware about their body changes (Mannheim, 2014). According to Mannheim (2014), the mark of the puberty in female is having the menstrual cycle; whereas the male is having the nocturnal emissions which is meant wet dream and also undergoes the enlargement penis. The physical maturation in both genders is noticeable, which are the females have their breast grow and widening hips; meanwhile the males have their facial and chest hair, and changes in their voice which is becoming deeper. The tents are very self-conscious with their self-image and body and resulting in comparing themselves with their peer (Mannheim, 2014).
Generally, the adolescent begins to search their identity and being separate from the parent. To try the several of the identities, the adolescent mingle and be friends with different kind of people (Fritscher, 2014). According to Erik Ericson’s Identity versus Identity Confusion stage, the teens a...

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