Physical Benefits Can Be Obtained From Bowling

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“Bowling has one of the longest and richest histories of all sports, dating back approximately 4,000 years ago to Greece and Rome.” (Blau, What Types of Physical Benefits Can Be Obtained From Bowling?) For as long as bowling has been around and as many people a year play it, there are still some things that are hidden. The sport of bowling provides a wide variety of benefits. These benefits including social, physical, and financial positives. Bowling has social benefits. Millions of people go bowling every year; with that being said, the odds of bowling alone or with no on around are extremely slim especially when one joining a bowl league.Joining a bowling league, weather for fun or to compete, allows one to make friends with teammates …show more content…

The way to gain financial benefits from bowling is to be involved in the game. Financial benefits come from tournaments, which are grouped by age and start anywhere from 7 years old - seniors. Some tournaments provide prizes like a new bowling ball and gear but others offer scholarship money. The scholarship money one receives ranges depending on age group and the order of finish. The USBC (United States Bowling Congress) organizes all tournaments for Youth and Adult leagues. The USBC says, “ One of the great benefits of USBC Youth membership is the chance to earn college scholarships so you can pursue your dreams.”(USBC, USBC Youth Scholarships) This gives you a better chance to help your future and work out. “Five male and five female USBC High School members are selected annually for the Dexter/USBC High School All-American Team and a $1,000 scholarship.” (USBC, Dexter USBC All-American Team ) The USBC is trying to help kids who have a talent and enjoy bowling every year. George Pappas, professional PBA Hall Of Famer, owner of George Pappas Victory Lanes also hold tournaments that give away scholarship money. The latest tournament is scheduled for December 26th, 2015 where the scholarship money is based on a 1:4th basis, this means that 25% of the people who participate will earn a winning. Another way bowling can help with financial benefits is sponsorships. Sponsorships in bowling are quite simple the better one gets at the game, the more likely to receive a sponsorship. One only has to apply to be considered. The sponsorship will then pay for travel and join tournaments and with the money won from the tournaments you give a percent of the winnings to the sponsors and keep the rest. Some of the main PBA (Professional Bowlers Association) groups that provide sponsorships are Barbasol, Brunswick, Geico, Hotel, and USBC. These are the groups who frequently sponsor professional

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  • Explains that bowling has one of the longest and richest histories of all sports, dating back approximately 4,000 years ago to greece and rome.
  • Explains that bowling provides social benefits and physical benefits as well.
  • Explains that bowling has physical benefits and increases bone density, metabolism, and is a life-time sport.
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