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What is beauty? According to Oxford Dictionary, beauty is “a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.” Beauty can be found in anything, or more importantly anyone, and it plays a major role in life. In today’s society, people can break down beauty into several different types, but the most dominant are physical and inner. While physical and inner beauty are both influential in today’s world, they differ greatly in what they mean, how they are achieved, and the quality of both. Physical beauty is something that looks appeasing to the eye. It’s often found in someone’s appearance, whether it be real or not. While physical beauty is something that is valued heavy, it is not…show more content…
On the other hand, inner beauty is so much more than that. Inner beauty is about your heart. It is displayed by actions like being kind, honest, compassionate, etc. Inner beauty reflects off of personality and lets a person’s true colors shine through. It is not how they look, but how they carry themselves on a daily basis. There are also different ways the two types of beauties are achieved. As noted, physical beauty is strictly outward appearance, meaning it based on how someone looks. For women, it could simply mean spending the extra twenty minutes every morning to apply a face full of makeup. For men, it could mean going to the gym every night just so they will look without a shirt on. Physical beauty can be achieved by anyone. It isn’t something that only a select few are blessed with. Another example is cosmetic surgeries. Individuals spend thousands, even millions, of dollars each year to make themselves look more appeasing to the eye of others. On the other hand, inner beauty is not something that can be bought or painted on the face. Inner beauty is something that people discover inside themselves. People can achieve inner beauty by learning…show more content…
Lastly, the qualities of these two types of beauties differ greatly. Physical beauty is temporary. Not everyone will stay twenty and flawless for the rest of their lives. Wrinkles are real, and so is grey hair. There are millions of people that are attractive on the outside. Physical beauty will often attract several people, but it cannot make them stay. Outward looks wear off quickly to others, so after that what is one to do? They have to have something to make others stay with them and value them as a person. Inner beauty never dies. It is something found at a young age and lasts throughout a lifetime. It is what will draw people near after the fact that a face is attractive wears off. Even after the wrinkles and grey hair, inner beauty will radiate stronger and make them beautiful. In today’s society, the media will portray will portray women and men with features that are nearly impossible to achieve. Whether someone is a size zero, or sixteen, in their jeans, they are both very beautiful. Overall, beauty is something that is very important to everyone in our time. It plays a major role in who people interact with and who they spend their lives with. Unfortunately,

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