Physical Adrecise: The Benefits Of Physical Exercise

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Introduction This essay identifies having regular physical exercise as a lifestyle and seeks to utilize the Dahlgren‐Whitehead Socio-Ecological (SE) model to analyse it. Having regular physical exercise is certainly beneficial to one’s health and I am glad to be keeping up with this lifestyle since last summer. Regardless of the extent of my personal and school commitments, I aim to exercise at least 3-4 times weekly. After some research and personal reflection, I realised that this lifestyle can be attributed to several reasons and I thought it would be timely to examine these reasons in depth, which would, perhaps, help me better maintain this positive lifestyle. Reasons Layer 1: Individual lifestyle factors Self-motivation Recently,…show more content…
If not for my personal intentions and lifestyle habits, role modelling and positive peer involvement, these amenities available are likely to be under-utilised. Living and working conditions Living in a fast-paced and competitive society like Singapore leaves you feeling stressed more than anything else. A study found in the International Scientific Journal of Kinesiology in 2008 stated that ‘Children in Singapore were deemed physically inactive for 98.7 per cent of the time on a weekend and 90.2 per cent of the time on a weekday.’ The reason that followed this observation was the lack of time after attending classes and completing homework. If children face the issue of having “not enough time”, let alone adults. Nevertheless, as cliché as it sounds, nothing is impossible. If you are highly determined to maintain regular exercise, you will allocate time for it. If your family and friends can find time to exercise at least thrice a week, you can do it too. After all, a jog or work-out session can take you no more than an hour. This is especially so when you enjoy easy access to the amenities. Again, this illustrates the interconnectedness of various factors mentioned

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