Physcoanalysis of lady macbeth

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In Shakespeare’s historical play Macbeth the main leads wife, Lady Macbeth, displays major character development throughout the play. Lady Macbeth is seen transforming from a bold, fearless and cunning women, to a very scared, guilt ridden and psychotic women. At first, Lady Macbeth describes her husband’s nature as, "too full o the milk of human-kindness" for him to take any action that would result in him getting the power of King. Furthermore she questions Macbeths manhood by asking, “Are you a man” acknowledging the fact that a man’s masculinity is the biggest honor he can hold. In the beginning of the play she is seen as a ruthless figure who is willing to go to any extent in order to achieve her goals. As the play goes on one can clearly see Lady Macbeths character change as the change in her mental stabilities wavers. The first very strong and dominant Lady Macbeth turns fragile and verges on insanity. The Lady first is sleepless, then she begins to sleepwalk and is frantic in her actions as she talks to the thin air about her past actions. As Lady Macbeths guilt catches up with her she begins hallucinating she sees and smells the blood on her hands when none is actually there. Lady Macbeth’s character spirals into a downfall of mental instability as all the murders catch up with her. Lady Macbeth is an ambitious character who first appears strong but then spirals in to a downfall of insanity and ends up killing herself due to the guilt of her actions finally catching up with her.
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Lady Macbeth’s character at first seems heartless and non-caring of those who were not on her road to power and success. "False face must hide what the false heart doth know.” (I. vii. 79-82) states she, when Macbeth shows symptoms of t...

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...character women who eventually cannot take her own actions anymore and ends her life. Power was the only thing that Lady Macbeth craved and she gave up everything that came with being a woman for it. She used her husband solely for the purpose of becoming Queen proving that she cares for nothing but the power she craves. She asks spirits to unsex her and make her capable of immense power, which to her as a woman is unattainable. Lady Macbeth is gender confused and obsessed with power, both qualities which in the end take her life as a result of the guilt of her actions taking over her mind, body and soul. She is often seen as the most tragic woman in Shakespeare's writings and it is evident why, she is a woman so obsessed with something that she breaks all moral obligations in attempts to get it and in the end this is the very thing that drives her mad and kills her.
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