Phycyatrist Notes on Hazel

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Session One: Today I met Miss Hazel. She is a very sweet 13 year old girl. She was just diagnosed with lung cancer and is being very strong for her and her parents. Her doctors made a miracle drug discovery called phalanxifor and it has saved her life. She was very quite and exhausted which is understandable considering she has just had the injections of the phalanxifor. She said she had the injections put into her body to please her parents as well as coming to these sessions. She is very irratated with her parents for making her come to these sessions and kept saying there was no use in her being here. She is angry and overwhelmed by the whole situation. She concluded by saying that her parents are also forcing her to start going to a cancer support group.

Treatment: I am going to precribe that she keeps getting the injections of phalanxifor as needed and that she gets her much needed rest from here on out because sleep heals all. I think that the Cancer support group her parents are enrolling her in would be a very wise decision considering her circumstances. She should stay social and active.

Session Two: It has been three years since I saw Hazel for the first time and she is now 16 years old. The phalanxifor has kept her alive but her lungs are still very weak and she has to carry around a oxygen tank with nubbins. She has told me she doesnt feel like talking, hanging with friends or really having and social interation. I can sense some depression and loneliness. She was very uninterested in being here and said that once again the only reason she was here was becuase her mother forced her to come. She has been going to cancer support group since she first started going and complained about having to go to that, being here a...

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...zied why, Agustus had died. She was very upset and heart broken over this and was still trying to cope. She had stopped hanging with friends, stopped going out, and stopped trying to please her parents. She was although spending much time with Isaac and at Agustus's house with his family. I told her she needed to try her hardest to move on and start living again. She promised she would and walked out. I reiceved an email a couple moments later that Peter Van Houton had sent her some emails that Agustus had sent to Peter about Hazel. They were touching emails. Hazel is going to be okay, I know she will.

Treatment: More social interaction, She seems to be due for more injections of phalanxifor, She needs to once againg start going back to Support group, Haning out with friends and family and trying to live again. She needs to seek happiness once more without Agustus.
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