Photosynthesis And Respiration Essay

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NAME: ABDULAZIZ BIN KHUTHAILA DATE: 1-11-2015 SUNDAY TEACHER: HAMDY KARIM CLASS: GREENISH Title: Photosynthesis and Respiration ESSAY ONE: Photosynthesis: is the process of converting light energy to chemical energy and storing it in the bonds of sugar, and Respiration: is defined as the movement of oxygen from the outside air to the cells within tissues, and the transport of carbon dioxide in the opposite direction. And in these next paragraphs I will speak and give you lots of information about Photosynthesis and Respiration and how they work and all about its use and its importance in our life. Usually photosynthesis in plants occurs in chloroplasts. What are chloroplasts?…show more content…
Oxygen enters the process and is used to make water molecules. This is the equation of respiration C6H12O6 + 6O2→→→→6CO2+6HO2 Glycolysis is an ongoing process in all cells including yours. It takes place in the cytoplasm before the cellular respiration and is does not require oxygen. If oxygen is available the products of glycolysis are used to produce many more ATP molecules through cellular respiration. The process of glycolysis can be summarized as following. 1:Two ATP molecules are used to energize a glucose molecule. The glucose molecule is split into three-carbon molecules. A series of enzymes and chemical reactions rearranges the three-carbon molecules. 2: Energized electrons from the three-carbon molecules are transferred to molecules of NAD, forming NADH molecules to pyruvate (py-ROO-vayt), which enters cellular respiration. This process also forms four ATP molecules. The Krebs cycle is the first main part of cellular respiration. Cellular respiration makes many more ATP molecules than does glycolysis. Step1: Pyruvate broken down Step2: coenzyme A Step3: citric acid formed Step4: citric acid broken
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