Photography Is A Wide Area With Multiple Different Sub Sections Involved

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Documentary photography is a wide area with multiple different sub sections involved; these include portraiture, landscape, social documentary and photojournalism. There is also room to expand into travel. As this genre of work is such a large area it allows me to look at many different areas to explore multiple channels. This sort of photography should have a narrative side to taking pictures. The images that are captured should be able to tell a story and the viewer will be able to gain an insight to what the images show. Researching professional photographers can be really helpful. It enables you to have an insight into what is needed in an image, similar to photographers already in the professional field. One of the first photographers that I research into with detail is Michael Bosanko; Bosanko’s work focuses on the landscapes side of documentary photography. His works involves adding a photo art side into the landscape photographs that are already present. Photo art is where there are additional features are added to a normal basic photograph, this includes the work of Michael Bosanko. Michael’s images have the added affect of the light trails traveling though the frame. The technique of creating light trails are something that can only be done with complete control and understanding of how the camera works. Looking at this image of Michael’s I can see what sort of settings and equipment he would have been using to capture this image. Firstly, he would have been using a long shutter speed of around 10 seconds, this allows for the movement to come though the image. Adding the affect of speed and movement that is happening in the frame in real time. Next would have been a smaller aperture of around f/22 to add the depth of f... ... middle of paper ... ... that are out of the ordinary. Ben would make a note of any places he has been to that might look good in different weather types. By doing this he will know if there is snow or a storm he can go to these locations and get images not every photographer will know about. This is one reason for one of his most famous pieces. In conclusion, after researching into different styles of documentary photography as well as the different photographers in the field. Such as Birchall, Bale and Bright I have seen that there are different style of work in the documentary field. In my opinion I believe that the more effective and inspiring work is done by Bright where he adds the extra style of light trails into his work. I am very much interested in the work of Bright and will hope to continue on with researching to better my work when I come to presenting though out the course.

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