Photography And Photography Essay

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Thesis Paper Between photography and cinematography there are always similarities. They both have a similar technical base, but the outcome is always different. My photographs explore the hazy boundaries that exist between the two. By adding elements of each, my images become a combination of both truth and fiction. Each image starts off with the construction of a miniature diorama. Every set is carefully constructed to be photographed. Like filmmaking, all staging and lighting are taken into account and manipulated to serve the overall image. After the photograph is taken, all the miniature sets are taken down and recycled for the next scene to be constructed. Through this process, I’m creating a space only to exist within the photograph. By leaving the images open ended, viewers can question how much truth does the photograph actually hold. The overall look of a diorama is made to be believable and with people added, it brings realistic elements. Within photography, there is always a set belief of truth that is held behind a photograph. My photographs spring from childhood....

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