Phonetic Segmenting In The English Language

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Phonemes are the smallest sound units that have a distinct sounds within different languages. It is the basic foundation of the English writing system because of segmenting. Segmenting refer to breaking down words into sound groups, which allows us to hear each phonemes. Take the word “pat” for example, segmenting the word pat would result to /p/ /a/ /t/. The combining of sound to create a small units of word that carry meaning is refer to morpheme. Phonetic segmenting allows people of all ages to better communicate, to learn new words, to write and to spell efficiently. The English language has about 40 phonetics segment. That being said not all phones are important, just some of the major ones are meaningful. The meaning of the word could…show more content…
The syntax follows similar rules as phonological, rules that provided the best ways a sentence should structure to consider acceptable (legal) in the English language. Each language has their own set of rules that consider acceptable and illegal. For sentence to be deem as legal, such as “Martha stood up her blind date”. The sentence need to meet the requirements to consider legal. The sentence needs to follow an acceptable structure refer to as the categorical constituent structure (tree diagram) of a sentence. Which meant that the sentence (S) need to consist of a noun phrase (NP) and verb phrase (VP). That is also an example of the hierarchical structure which refer to sentences that could be broken part and grouped into larger units. This allows us to easily group words together in a simple sentence that could be easily understood. The structure could be broken down farther to part of speech such as: determiner, preposition, adjective, and…show more content…
Which are implicit rules that we unconsciously do to interact with societies or the surrounding environment. The rules allow the listener and the speaker to have certain etiquette conventions and appropriate conversation openers. The types are assertive, directive, commissives, expressives, and declarations. It is our job as listeners to decide which of the five types of speech act theory the speaker is using, that allow us to respond appropriately. Discourse refer to ways to advance in the societies using both semantics and pragmatics rules to help us to bind in. For example, when we are in school there are implicit rule of how we should verbally interact with our peers and professor. The implicit rules changes as you interact with different people are different events. This helps us built a language structure that we learn from multiple interaction and surrounding. Through conversation which refer to verbal exchange between two of more speakers taking turn being a listener. As for narrative it refer to having only one speaker with one or more

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