Philosophy of Technology Integration

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Being able to incorporate technology into the daily lesson plans offers the teacher an endless possibility of communicating the subject through multiple modalities. Technology within the classroom can be seen through proximas, ELMO’s, DVD’s and websites that are incorporated to teach the students. Educators should be open to learning and incorporating the many opportunities technology brings to the classroom. Although technology has areas of strength and weaknesses, if learned and implemented creatively and efficiently students learning will be impacted greatly.

Today’s students immerse themselves’ daily in multiple sources of technology. They are visually stimulated by the sites and networking readily available to them. When they enter the classroom they are confronted with no technology and a teacher who lacks the tools necessary to close the gap between the advanced generation and the teachers’ lesson plans . It is crucial for an educator to learn how to use the technology to facilitate student learning. Jean Piaget wrote, "The new methods [teaching] are those that take account of the child's own peculiar nature and make their appeal to the laws of the individual's psychological constitution and those of his development" (Lever-Duffy, 2003,p. 16).

In order to facilitate student learning as a teacher we must be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of technology. Technology allows students to engage in every aspect to communicate what they have learned. Every student has a different way of expressing acquisition of learning, and it is through technology that we aide them in expressing them. Technology allows students to work independent and collaboratively to achieve the maximum learning objectives. Some areas of strength...

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...tant messaging or facebook they will be succesful in their future endeavors. Technology will help the teacher differentiate for all different levels that may be present within the classroom. The lessons will appeal and stimulate the learning process and make it more worthwhile for the teacher and the student. As teachers many times we allow the weaknesses to cloud our vision of a classroom with technology fully integrated, because comfort is more convienient. But if time is taken to explore the endless possibilities, the weaknesses will become strenghts through trial and error.

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