Philosophy of Education

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Philosophy of Education

Education is an essential element to the life of every person. Teachers must have a philosophy of teaching to be effective in the classroom. No matter what way of teaching an educator chooses, it should positively affect his or her students and help to keep them on track to growing into strong intelligent adults.

If a child is placed in a positive environment, then it will help shape them into good citizens. According to Plato, a student's environment determines his or her morals and character. It is very important for children to be able to function in society and to learn to interact well with other people; providing a positive learning environment plays a crucial role in instilling these characteristics. If all teachers would stress these concepts there would be a lot less discipline problems in the classroom.


Discipline plays a key role in the learning environment of the child. A teacher must have an effective discipline method to keep order in the classroom. The view of behaviorists seems to work in most situations. If positive reinforcement is utilized in the classroom, students will want to do well academically. Punishment often times causes students to rebel against authority. If the teacher rewards students for good behavior, then they will want to be consistent in their behavior they will see that this will benefit them.

Knowledge is dependent upon the person and their situation, therefore the nature of knowledge is relative. Everyone is different and can not be expected to learn in the same manner. Some students learn best through experiencing things and doing things hands-on, these students are tactile-kinesthetic learners. Some students are auditory learners, ...

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...variety of viewpoints. Elementary teachers should make sure that children have a good foundation in reading and math. It is very important that children have the basic skills that they need to build on and excel in the higher grades.

As graduation approaches, my plans are to obtain a certificate in special education, concentrating on children with learning disabilities. After teaching for a few years, I plan to pursue a graduate degree in special education while I am still teaching.

Educating young people is something that is very important to the future of society. As an educator, I would like to make a difference in the lives of my students. Upon leaving my classroom, I hope that my students will become open-minded and strong of heart. I want them to know what kind of things that they enjoy and to think of learning as a wonderful and valuable experience.
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