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My philosophy of teaching students with disabilities and English Language learners is a commitment to the success of each and every student that I come in contact with. Each student has the right to experience the full access of what their school has to offer. As an educator, teaching is not a 9 to 5 job; you cannot clock in and out and expect to leave your job on the desk and never think of it until the next day. Teaching is a commitment and patient that is not instilled in every person that decides to become an educator. Understanding the importance of the job will allow for a successful teacher within the classroom and the passion for your student’s will show through their success.
Children learn best in a positive environment. Children learn when they feel that what they are learning has meaning and is being delivered in a manner that is not straight from a text book and sitting at their desk doing busy work. Students tend to absorb the content when they are engaged in hands on activity. Academic learning should be motivating and inspirational for both the student and the teacher. Having a teacher that is engaged in what they are teaching and enthusiastic in what they are teaching is reflective on the work product of the students. Being able to recognize potential of each student and accommodate their needs will allow promoting a student’s academic goals and dreams.
Inclusion is a philosophy that involves a way of thinking and acting that allows every student to feel safe, accepted and fully included in general education. Inclusion is where children are placed in general education classrooms with support services. Inclusion will allow the enhancement of diversity in an education setting. The collaboration of the general edu...

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...ate for your students. Your expectations to communicate with administration and general education teachers to make sure that their needs are being met. All of this is to be done while you are required to teach and maintain your own classroom.
In conclusion, becoming a special needs teacher will require you to do many things. The expectations are on a daily basis throughout the school year. It is extremely important to understand the many things that might be asked of you throughout each day. Seeking advice and input prior to entering special education is suggested. As for myself, I have made the commitment to myself and to my students to be a mentor, and an academic and ethical role model. I believe that I am ready to accept the challenges and I promise to provide a well-rounded education for each and every student that I may be blessed to cross paths with.
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