Philosophy Of Mind And Body

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Philosophy of Mind studies the minds functions, properties, consciousness, and how the body relates to the mind. One of the main arguments taking place in these studies is the mind-body problem. To understand this, a definition of the mind in relation to the brain, and consciousness is needed. So, the mind is where thoughts, ideas, and consciousness is found. Now consciousness is the ability to be aware of one 's internal self and the environment. Thus, the mind-body problem is the issue of how the mind and the body are connected. This problem is argued and looked at from many different views, and within that dualism was born. Dualism is the idea that the mind and body can be found independent of one another, or that the mind and body could share properties. This is the further breakdown of dualism to substance dualism and property dualism. For Philosophy of Mind, substance dualism involves the view that two substances exist independent of each other. Those substances are either mental or physical. In particular, for the mind, this view is applied by saying the physical brain, the organ that resides inside our head, is separate from the mind, where thoughts and ideas come from. I think the best way to get a feel for this view is to ask one 's self where consciousness is located? It is a question that has repeatedly come up, and according to this view, it comes from outside the brain in some place. In Descartes Second Meditation (p.6), the wax argument is brought up. In this argument, Descartes describes what happens when the wax melts. He knows it changes using the body 's senses and goes on to contrast a few properties of the wax such as being solid going to liquid, changing smell, and changing color. Now, Descartes then wonde... ... middle of paper ... dualism is the idea that there are only physical substances with mental or physical properties. One big problem with substance dualism is being able to point out where the mind resides if it is separate from the brain. A problem with property dualism is being able to point out what properties are mental and which are physical. With both of these views and their problems, I take the stance that the mind and body are separate but end up working together. So, I think that is closer to the idea of substance dualism. My favorite reading mentioned was the Mary thought experiment. Philosophy of Mind studies the mind and how it interacts with the body. From this dualism was born, and this further led to substance dualism and property dualism. From Descartes Meditation to Chalmer 's zombies, the two views of dualism have been argued and supported in different ways.
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