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The United States is the world’s policeman and viewed by other countries as the ideal place to live since we are “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” Even though we are the world leaders in many things, our education is no longer in the lead. Americans are falling further and further behind in our education. A comparison of Germany’s education and the United States’ education systems will be explored. The United States does not have a national education system; school policy is decided by each state. The federal government offers a small funding to states for education, but is limited on the influence on education decisions. Revenue generated for Texas public school come from local, state, and federal levels. Approximately 55% of funds come from local property taxes, 33.9% comes from state funds that are pulled from lottery proceeds, and recaptured funds from wealthy school districts, and 11.5% comes from the federal government (Texas Impact, 2008 para.1). In the United States there are no national graduation requirements or graduation exam, the graduation requirements and standardized tests are set by each state; but each individual district determines curriculum. The U.S education system is broken into three levels; elementary, secondary education, and post-secondary education (university). U.S. schooling is 12 years (K-12); all children in America have access to either free public school or can attend a private school which is tuition based in most cases. Each school district provides schools that accommodate children who need special education or qualify for the gifted and talented program. In Texas the starting salary for a first year teacher is $34,234 and the average salary is $48,638. In the year 2011, th... ... middle of paper ... ... exam. Over the years education has become more about test prep than education. At this time it seems that all children are being left behind and our society is failing them. The best aspect of the American education system would be the U.S. higher education (college/university). Many international students dream and aspire to attend a college or university in the United States. The reason that many international students seek to attend higher learning in the U.S. is due to the best education and the highly experienced professors that teach at these institutions. At many universities the professors are the leaders in their field and pioneers in research. The American university also offers a large number of academic fields to study and affiliations with companies and prospective employers allowing students to get the hands on training in their field of study. The
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