Philippines a Valued Country in Asia

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This paper mainly discusses about Philippines from its natural resources to Filipino’s culture and tourist spots. We should not judge a small island without learning something about it. Above all, this paper wants to emphasize the uniqueness of the Philippines and how to appreciate as well as value the things in store for us.

To find an ideal place with an enthralling beauty is in every person’s dream paradise. It could be seen through its practiced culture, climate and lifestyle. In some ways, everyone has the desire to live and settle in such a perfect place that satisfies our standard of living. In which, it could bring serenity, pleasure and fulfillment in our lives. Sounds familiar to everyone is the East side of the world where it can provide its first time visitor an unforgettable experience he had even in just a few days. These tourists will want to keep returning back to have a visit or stay for a long term. Even just strolling along the beaches or watching the sunset – where life could be more extraordinarily unique. An archipelago in Southeast Asia known as the “Pearl of the Orient” because of its rare beauty and remarkable tourists spot you’ll never discover in other places is the Philippines.

The nature of the resources, the character of the people, the socio-economic activities, and the national security of the state are influenced by its location, size and shape. Geographically, the Philippines is part of the Southeast Asia. This country being ‘the oriental of the Orientals’ is symbolizing the democracy we have in Asia. Culturally, the Philippines is the center of the blending of the east and west. By good feature of our location, we have contacts with the countries of Asia. Small countries are usually handica...

... middle of paper ... of our resources, time will come it will lead to the extinction of fishes, and animals. It will also pull our economy down, giving it a problem to our tourism and causing some people jobless. So, as early as now, we could still preserve our nature by being discipline. For example, the cutting of trees should have tree replacement, we should ban dynamite fishing and must protect out endangered species.

In the end, let us not underestimate a country without recognizing it originally. Allow our small country to show its true colors first before comparing it to others. True that we may not be those urbanize and globalize like some nation, but Philippines is considered exceptionally unique with its own natural rare incomparable beauty. But remember that, all of these will be nothing if we ourselves will not value, conserve, and appreciate the beauty of nature.
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