Philip Glass Essay

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My composer is known as an influential minimalist and has wrote a variety of works such as opera, musical theatre, symphonies, chamber music, film scores and much more over the years. This composer’s identity is none other than Philip Glass. The major focuses in this paper are to give a moderately brief background on Philip Glass, examining his style of music along with how others view it and describe one of Philip Glass’s musical pieces. The background or bio about Philip Glass has information primary associated with events surrounding his career. When we reach examining Philip Glass’s style of music, people’s opinions on his music and who he sounds similar too is discussed. The final part of paper basically talks about one of Philip Glass’s works and how it serves as an example to his other music. Philip Glass’s musical career has been lengthy and essentially truly successful. For most of Glass’s early life he worked in his father’s store where he stumbled about unorthodox Western classical music (Sadur “Biography”). After uncovering this music, Glass began to study music. Once graduated from college, he went on to study composition in New York. However, finding modern music of his time distasteful, he moved to Europe, at the age of 23, where he studied under Nadia Boulanger and worked with composer Ravi Shankar (“Philip Glass: Biography”). While in Europe, Glass also discovered a variety of non-Western music. The style in this newly discovered music began to appear within Glass’s own compositions. After being away from the States for an extended time, Glass made his return to New York in 1967. Once settled in New York, Glass began forming a collection of “new music” (Sadur). During this point in time of Glass’s career, he con... ... middle of paper ... ...performed, but a repetitive tune would be played the majority of the time. Of course each part or movement in the composition had its own constant melody until near the end. At the end of the composition the movements in the beginning were played again but in reversed order. I think that Glassworks is a wonderful musical piece that exemplifies Philip Glass’s music as a whole. In conclusion to this paper, Philip Glass is an extraordinary composer and first of his time. Glass took the art of minimalism and brought it to the mainstream which revolutionized the music world. His repetitive sounds throughout movements in his compositions are seen as something of genius today and will continue to be in the future. Philip Glass, a minimalist who has written a large variety of music from chamber music to opera, is without a doubt a very influential contemporary music icon.
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