Philip Glass

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1. Write two pages on the life and type of music of Philip Glass. Why do you think his music became popular?
Philip Glass, A popular musician and music composer, he is also an innovative instrumentalist. Philip Glass was born January 31st, 1937 in Baltimore, US (Strickland, pp.4). During the 20th century, he is one of the most famous musicians. When he was a teenager, Philip Glass learned the flute. Philip Glass is a genius of music. When he was 15 years old, he went to the University of Chicago. During his college life, he majors in philosophy and mathematics and he graduated from college in 1956. Philip Glass was into Anatol music and made him attended to the Juilliard School of music as a composition student. After that, he moved to Paris
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His music style as similar as another minimalist writer, For example, Terry Riley. Philips Glass was not admitting himself as writer of music. Philip Glass’s father was the one of people that influenced Glass’s music career. His love for music that motivated Glass got into music field. Since at the night time, their family was stay with each other and listen to many songs. When Glass started performing his music, his father showed his support to Glass. His father introduced his recordings to the customers and let them try to listen to his songs. His fathers’ store rapidly grew to be the largest music distributor in Baltimore. In a period of one year, 1967-1968, Glass managed to compose nine songs that earned a lot of positive feedback. The fact that he was able to write all the songs in such a short time showed his passion and commitment towards music. Having learned the musical instruments such as the flute and the keyboard at a very tender age, he maximized the expertise in his songs. Through his company that specialized in cab services, Glass developed connections with other artists such as Michael Snow and Nancy Graves. This allowed him to develop his music by collaborations with other music artists. His musical experience also changed as he could learn from others who had succeeded in the music business. His experience and the way he connected to other musician and learn from that had made his music popular. In late 20th century, Eno Brian, a popular musician, described Glass’s work as the most extraordinary music with a bath of thick and pure energy (Novak, pp.100). even though some people criticized Glass’s music was traditional, but many of his fans were think he was very successful in music
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