Phenomenal Growth and Techniques of ABC Kitchesn

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In this memo I will address the management information systems and quantitative research techniques for ABC kitchens, Inc. I will recommend the statistical approach for ABC Complete kitchens and I will define the management information systems currently in place which can provide the productivity data required.
ABC Complete Kitchens, Inc. is experiencing phenomenal growth at this time. ABC is outpacing their competitors, and from a technology perspective we will need to ensure that our technical capabilities are ahead of our competitors. The continued development of our information technology infrastructure is critical, along with the capabilities to support the demand for our products. Our web based customer centric secure portal has been instrumental in our increase in revenue and on target for 2014 goals. “Such IT investments can influence a firm’s strategy through affecting both its efficiency and effectiveness, as well as providing critical information that either increases the value of making investments in other resources or capabilities or steers management toward more effective decision making.” (Drnevich, Croson, 2013)
The technology infrastructure provides the ability to ensure that the internal decision making process is smooth and effective. The Central Relationship Management system (CRM) is designed for all steps to flow through the internal process directly to the key management and team members. The information system has real time information and access to sales and production data. This will improve the decision making process, along with ensuring that they key areas of the organization have signed off along the way, and the profitability analysis is real time.
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...echnology it would be in the best interest of the organization to continue to expand its technological base. The CRM system is the information system that links the customer to the plant, the plant to the supplier, the plant to the employee. The customer centric secure portal brings the customers into our “living room”. The CRM provides access to information for management to make decisions, with the supporting data at their finger tips. My recommendation for quantitative research is to utilize the descriptive statistical analysis technique. This technique will provide clear insight into plant productivity. The descriptive approach along with CRM generated reports will provide the board members with the necessary tools for stewardship of ABC Kitchens, Inc. It will make the organization more efficient, and will generate revenue snapshots at a moments notice.

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