Pharmacy Internship Essay

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Students are recruited from the schools of pharmacy via short advertisement displayed as a Power Point during a required class for first-year and second-year students. Interested students will be required to submit a resume along with the personal statement to the internship program director. Pharmacy students who express their interest in research pharmacy will be invited for an interview with the program director. Students who are self-motivated and possess great communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills will be offered a position of an intern. The goal is to recruit one student from year one pharmacy class per year. Hiring process will take place during the summer, which will help to avoid potential scheduling conflicts with required orientation and…show more content…
Chemotherapy preparation evaluation form is included in Appendix A.
• CITI training, 1 day.
Detailed training schedule is outlined in Appendix B.

First Year intern activities
Goal: To work as an accurate and effective technician with a good understanding of study drug regulations and the IDS distribution system.
• Review and enter medication orders into CPOE
• Fill and dispense non-sterile medication (e.g., counting, labeling)
• Prepare and dispense nonhazardous and hazardous sterile medications
• Compound medications
• Complete inventory records and other documentation related to dispensing
• Manage drug orders and drug deliveries (e.g., order drugs, receive drugs, stock drugs in IDS storage areas)
• Manage drug expiration (identify, locate, and replace expired or soon to expire drugs)
• Handle drugs returned by subjects
• Conduct periodic drug inventory
• Manage drug recalls
• Temperature monitoring (room, refrigerator, freezers)
• Maintain study binders
• Maintain clean rooms

Second Year intern activities
Goal: To maintain pharmacy technician skills while working on more professional-level activities.
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