Pharmaceutical Company Case Study

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What is a pharmaceutical company’s main objective? You might think it is to cure people of illnesses or even make people healthier. However new research and public information shows that while they work in health care health is not what they are starting distribute. “A pharmaceutical company, or drug company, is a commercial business licensed to research, develop, market and/or distribute drugs, most commonly in the context of healthcare. They can deal in generic and/or brand medications.” Although they are a vital part of any economy and health field there are many problems with in the medical industry such as (a) the focus of money, (b) drug abuse, (c) over consumption and (d) severe side effects. Pharmaceutical companies should be better managed and regulated in the United States. There is an unethical balance in how the industry is controlled. They are in it for profit not treatment.…show more content…
The government and FDA should be put in question to why these things are happening. Almost 5 billion dollars are used for prescription drug abuse and yet it seem like the government is doing a horrible job at controlling the problem. The fact that they have allowed companies to do as they wish for the most part should create new waves of protest. The fact is that medical companies and doctors are not the only ones to blame on how the companies run and how far they reach. You can’t tell separate doctors from pharmaceutical companies. Sense the implementation of Obamacare the number of people addicted has risen. This calls for a reform on how things are run. Medicine is not the problem and that’s what medical companies do create medicine which cost a great mount to from start to finish product to produce and distribute to people. Pharmaceutical companies do in fact provide a much needed service to people and that will not
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