“Pharma”- Borne Diseases

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The mass production of consumer products has given rise to excessive use of branding. Due to increase in competition between companies that produce similar products, companies now aim to differentiate their product from others by solidifying their brand identity and creating awareness about their brands. The utilization of such branding strategies would not be much of a concern if they were only restricted to consumer products like food, clothing, beverages (Coke, Pepsi), etc. However, the influence of these strategies extends well beyond that. Even pharmaceutical companies have undertaken the approach of Direct-To-Consumer Marketing strategies where they target millions of healthy Americans by exposing them to persuasive commercials in the hope that they would buy the drugs sold by these pharmaceutical “brands”. This approach is very contrasting to the strategies used by pharmaceutical companies in the past. Previously, when patients needed medical attention, they would consult their doctors who would prescribe an appropriate medication for curing their illness. Due to this, pharmaceutical companies would target their marketing to medical professionals and doctors by promoting their drugs at conferences and in medical journals. However, today they have started using Direct-To-Consumer marketing strategies that entail consumer advertising, which directly target the consumers. The purpose of this research paper is to analyze the ways in which pharmaceutical companies use Direct-To-Consumer marketing for selling ailments to healthy customers and disillusion them into believing that they have a disease. To support this argument, the research paper will touch upon various marketing strategies that pharmaceutical companies use to creat...

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