Pharaohs Essay

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Ancient Egypt ruling started with the Pharaohs which was between the periods of 3150 B.C to 30 B.C. The Pharaohs were known as the God Kings. The Pharaohs were dynasties, they ruled all the way to the Ptolemaic Period which ended exactly in 30 B.C. There were 31 dynasties of Pharaohs, however some rulers ran different areas of Egypt at the same time. The first Pharaoh was Narmer or well known as Menes, the last Pharaoh ruler was Cleopatra. There was the Native Pharaoh 's whose ruling ended in 343 B.C. and the Greek Pharaohs whose ruling ended in 30 B.C. There are 10 symbols to represent a Pharaoh or attire the Pharaoh 's wore which was the double crown, blue crown, Atef crown, Nemes headdress, crook, frail, cartouche, serekh.

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A Pharaoh starts training at a very young age through many different types of lessons but mostly a Pharaoh training was based off of physical strength ("The Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs"). The coronation of a new Pharaoh started on the first day of a new season, however some dynasties coronations started after a the earlier Pharaoh died and other dynasties coronation started before the earlier Pharaoh died it just depended on the dynasty ("The Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs"). The coronations usually lasted a whole year due to all the ceremonies and festivals meaning a Pharaoh didn’t start their ruling the first year on the throne it was usually the second year they started ruling ("The Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs"). There was four different types of festivals or ceremonies during a Pharaoh 's coronation and they were the Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt, Sed Festival, Sokar Festival, and the appearance of the king ("The Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs"). The Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt was a ceremony that was a symbol of reunifying the two lands of Egypt ("The Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs"). The Sed Festival meaning was to restore the Pharaoh 's vital life force a Pharaoh would have this ceremony every three years however if the Pharaoh could have the ceremony as often as they pleased ("The Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs"). A Sokar Festival was a big celebration that involved building a boat and the…show more content…
Memphis was the capital of Egypt during the Old Kingdom it was built by Narmer. Memphis was important for trade centers and Pyramids ("The Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs"). Thebes was the capital of Egypt during the Middle and New Kingdoms and had tons of religious centers ("The Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs"). Akhetaten which is also known as Amarna was the capital that was ruled by the Pharaoh Akhetaten himself and when he died so did the capital ("The Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs"). Pi- Ramesses was the capital that was built by Ramesses II during his ruling. Alexandria was built by Alexander the Great during the Ptolemaic period ("The Ancient Egyptian
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