Petitioners V. Harold Gluckson Case Analysis

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Washington et al., Petitioners v. Harold Glucksberg et al.
(Supreme Court v. Physicians)
521 U.S. 702 (1997
Brief Fact Summary
The enacted Washington law was a criminal felony to anyone knowingly causing or aiding any person in attempting suicide. The statute was brought in to question based on its constitutionality.

Synopsis of Rule of Law
It is not fundamentally right for a physician to assist anyone in suicide according to the United States constitution.
It is criminal for anyone to knowingly aid and or cause a person to commit or attempt suicide in the state of Washington by its law. At the patients direction to withdrawal from life-sustaining treatment is however exempted under the state law. The statue was brought in to question based on its constitutionality and the right of people to decide when they need help to commit suicide.

Was the law constitutional in prohibiting anyone from causing and or aiding someone committing suicide? Was the law violating the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution in the substantive due process compone...
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