Peter Singer Analysis

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Peter singer argues that it shouldn’t be any reason for Americans to don’t donate money to poor children when they can afford luxuries that are not important for their lives and health. Singer used two examples with two different situations and he tying to motivate readers to donate as much as money they can. The first example is about the retired schoolteacher name Dora. Dora has a very poor life and she was barley affording her life expenses. One day she got a job offer and they told her if she takes a nine years old homeless boy to a family that will adopt him, she will get a good money. Dora takes the boy to the new family, and she received the money. After she got the money, she bought a television, and she went home. Dora’s neighbor comes to her house and Dora told her the story and her neighbor’s respond was, the boy was too old for adoption and they might kill him and sale his organs. As a consequence, Dora decided to go and find the boy and take him back. The second example that Singer uses in his article comes from the philosopher Peter Unger’s book Living High and Letting Die. Bob bought a Buggati and he spent most of his saving to buy this car. One day, Bob took his car and he parked his car on the rail road and the train was quickly approaching him. And the other side it was a kid who was playing on the rail road. He should decide to save the boy life and forget about his expensive car or he chose not to sacrificed his car and the boy is killed by the train and his Buggatti is unharmed. Singer used tis two examples and his goal was to make the reader think and make a desertion. In Dora’s example Stinger emphasizing if Dora didn’t take the boy back, in eye of audience she would become a monster. in the Bob ex... ... middle of paper ... ...f spend on luxury will harm the economy as well. If we give money significant amounts we could seriously damage the economy because we live in a capitalist consumer economy and it’s predicted on consumption. But Singer thinks every diner in a restaurant can save a child life. The question is how much people need to donate. He said American middle class families spend 20000 every year on unnecessary things, they can donate that money instead. He gives us with two options, being like Bob (monster) or donating every single dollar to charitable. Singer says: “I accept that we are unlikely to see, in the near or even medium-term future, a world in which it is normal for wealthy Americans to give the bulk of their wealth to strangers”. Americans need to donate money, if we don whe should know that we are failing to live in the morally decent life as Singer believes.
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