Peter Paul Rubens: Suckle Bowers's Honeysuckle Bower

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Peter Paul Rubens was an extraordinary artist, most of his pieces were made with female body’s. The female body had clothes on, but sometimes they were naked. One of his most famous artworks is Honeysuckle Bower, which symbolizes many different ideas, but mostly it symbolizes love. This informational essay is about an individual that was famous for his works of art. He is from the Renaissance period. For this essay there are four main points; life, career, contributions, and life without Peter Paul Rubens.Firstly, Which leads to the first main point, his life. Firstly, Peter Paul Rubens lived about 63 years, born in June 28, 1577, and thus he died on May 30, 1640. Unfortunately, after he left for Italy he was informed on a message that his mother had an illness. Since he was to far away, he ended up being exceptionally late. As s result the illness killed her before he got to her. In a similar manner Ruben had multiple wives and children, five with a woman named Hélène and three with a woman named Isabella. His generation after him mostly married into noble families from Antwerp. Since his paintings and books were incredible outstanding he became the most important and celebrated 17th century artist that lived in Northern Europe. He did not always stay in Northern Europe, he traveled to other places…show more content…
His pieces of work would have never washed people’s sorrows away. Also, the people he inspired would not have been able to get things done, which could change things about the world. On the other hand, they could have just gotten inspiration from someone or something else. We will never know what exactly would have changed if he didn’t exist, but are minds will forever wonder about it. Unfortunately, the world will never know what it will be like without Peter Paul Rubens, but we will always remember him as exceptional

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