Peter Kurten: The Dusseldorf Vampire

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Peter Kürten was known as Germany’s serial killer the “Düsseldorf Vampire,” a murder who killed at least nine people before surrendering to police in 1931.
Kürten was born in Cologne, Germany on May 26, 1883 to a childhood of poverty and misconduct. Being first born out of thirteen children he was a witness to accounts of brutal acts and sadistic tendencies from an alcoholic father. For the majority of Kürten’s childhood, his father projected his misconduct onto both the mother and his siblings in the one room apartment they shared. From the subjection to sexual violence of his father had an influence on Kürten who, at the age of nine years old, established an unhealthy relationship with a dog-catcher who live in the same building. The man introduced him to the practice of bestiality with dogs. As Kürten matured sexually, his bestiality expanded to sheep, goats, and other barnyard animals. He even went as far as discovering a pleasure when the animal would be stabbed during intercorse. By the age of 16, Kürten has progressed to petty crime, and ran away from home from the subjected violence. Not long after his father was arrested and jailed for sexual relations with Kürten’s thirteen year old sister.
Kürten’s small crimes soon led toward short prison sentences, multiple misdemeanors which occurred for several years. As he was jailed the conditions of his environment confirmed Kürten’s sadistic behavior as he moves from animals to human victims. The more that Kürten was sentence to jail the more his rage against the German society and capacity for crimality grew. He soon discovered a fascination with brutal sexual acts while in solitary confinement; the fascination grew so much that he would break prison rules to ensure t...

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...mean ten years' or more separation for us — probably forever. At that, my wife was inconsolable. She spoke of unemployment, lack of means and starvation in old age. She raved that I should take my life, then she would do the same, since her future was completely without hope. Then, in the late afternoon, I told my wife that I could help her." Kürten then revealed to his wife he was the “Vampire” and disclosed every murder to her. He then allowed her to turn himself over to the police to insure that she would receive a large reward to supply money to help her in her old age.
On May 24th 1930, Frau Kürten told the police of who her husband was that she was to meet him outside a church. Later in the day the area had been surrounded and four officers who rushed forward with loaded revolvers the moment Peter Kürten showed. The man then smiled and offered no resistance.

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