Pet Psychology: People Who Live With a Pet are Best Advisors

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As we discussed about pet psychology last semester I decided to write about my pet. In my opinion, people who have pets are the most suitable people to give you advice about dog or any other pet. Maybe someone is scientist or he studied dog’s behavior but real experts for dogs are people who live with them, feed them, take care of them and the most important: love them.

Seven years ago I got my first pet, golden retriever. Back then I couldn't even imagine how much he would mean to me. One day dad’s cousin told us that if we want a dog we can come to their place and pick one because they have seven of them and they can’t sell them. First we were not sure if we want a dog but in the end we went there. When I saw him and his family (other little puppies and their mother) for the first time I knew that he's the dog that will be my pet. One woman told me: “First puppy from the litter that comes to you should be your pet.” I listened her advice and chosen that puppy. He was chubby and slightly clumsy. While he was running toward me he was drooling but he was also smiling like he was happy to see someone new. At that moment I was happy that we decided to come.

When he came to his new home he explored everything. Cats were the most interesting to him but they weren't docile. One day he came too close to one of my grandmother's cats and she scratched him on the muzzle. He was so sad like he has done something wrong. Cats were afraid of a little cute dog…I just couldn’t believe. As he was persistent and courageous I gave him name Zeus. In Greek mythology, Zeus is the ruler of Mount Olympus, the god of sky and thunder, but my Zeus...he is actually afraid of thunder. Luckily, that's the only thing he is afraid of. It wasn’t only Zeus p...

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...d tore skin from his hip. Fortunately he’s fine now and he doesn’t have a scar. Actually…we don’t see a scar since he has long hair. Second time he almost died. On his stomach he had a large chigoe. Veterinarian told us that if we noticed it only few minutes later Zeus would died. That day was terrible for my family.

One thing is sure…everyone in my family love Zeus. We are all very attached to him and I now can’t imagine my life without him. We never thought that one animal will mean so much to us. I think that animals can be great friends. They never complain, they listen (or at least they know how to pretend that they listen) and they will always welcome you with joy. Zeus is always here, it doesn’t matter if I’m happy, sad, angry, with makeup or without makeup… He will come to me, look at me or just cuddle to show me that somebody is here for me…always!

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