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Seven percent of all the people involved in agriculture suffer from pesticide poisoning each year. Floristry depends on the use of pesticides to kill and control pests. The floriculture industry grows constantly, all the while, poisoning their workers by relying heavily on pesticides. Harming human health is not the only thing pesticides do. The use of pesticides also harms the environment. Neurological disorders, cancer, reproductive problems, pesticide poisoning and the loss of some animal species are some of the main problems associated with the use of pesticides.
Most floriculture employees spend the day inside an enclosed space like a greenhouse. Greenhouses do not receive fresh air flow like the outdoors. Since they work inside without
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A man named Martin Donohoe researched and found that one fifth of pesticides used in other countries are banned or untested in the United States. Many of these insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and preservative chemicals that are approved for use in countries like Columbia are outlawed here because they are probable carcinogens. Just like how the chemicals in cigarettes can cause cancer, breathing in the chemicals from pesticides can amplify the chance of cancer too. The Natural Resource Defense Council found that early exposure to pesticides can increase childhood leukemia and brain cancer. Workers exposed to pesticides increase their risk of cervical, prostate, multiple melanoma, testicular and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma…show more content…
Pesticide poisoning is often hard to detect because the symptoms are similar to common illnesses. Signs of poisoning are vomiting, sweating, contracted pupils, headache, weakness and/ or vertigo. Pesticides can enter the body in only three ways. One is absorption through the skin or dermal area. Another is through the mouth or orally and finally, by inhalation or breathing it into the lungs. If one is exposed dermally, your skin starts to absorb this poison immediately. This will continue as long as the pesticide remains on the skin. Depending on what area of the skin the pesticide is exposed to depends on how fast the poison reaches the bloodstream. One can accidentally swallow a pesticide if the pesticide is not stored in the original container. If this happens, the person could die or be seriously injured. There are three types of pesticide exposures. The first is mild exposure. The symptoms of it can be stomach cramps, tiredness, watery eyes, blurred vision, excessive saliva in the mouth, and a slow heartbeat. Workers usually mistake these symptoms for the flu, think it was something they ate, heat exhaustion, or heat stroke. An individual can also get moderately severe poisoning. These symptoms, in addition to the mild symptoms, are tightness in the chest, inability to walk, involuntary bowel movements and/or muscle twitching. The last type of poison is severe poisoning,

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