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In one of the studies, “two of the eight farmers applying the pesticides (carbofuran and methamidophos) became sick over a two-hour period. They showed clinical signs of poisoning and their hemoglobin-corrected red blood cell cholinesterase dropped to less than half of the initial levels. Such episodes appear common in 56% of farmers”, which many of them know how to treat through home remedies (Crissman, 1994). By putting their own lives at risk, farmers are establishing how vital a successful potato crop field is for them to be able to economically provide for their family. This comes down to the culture of these farmers who would put their families and their productivity before their own lives so their potato yield can be as high as possible. Farmers have to be educated on safety pre-cautions that need to be taken into account when working with pesticides and how to limit their own exposure and the exposure of their families. Representatives of the pesticide industry have publicly stated that the farmer-applicators themselves are to blame for the over application of pesticides. Yet we have seen that innocent individuals, in particular women and children who do not apply pesticides, have also been seriously affected, “Furthermore, the actions of the pesticide industry contradicts the conclusions of what is arguably the most extensive research initiative on pesticide use in developing countries sponsored by the industry it-self” (Yanggen, 2004). “Additionally, in Ecuador like other countries, there are many laws that in theory defend the human health and the well-being of society, but there is no institution with the power to implement the law, to regulate pesticide quality and importations” (Mera-Orces, 2001). This is providing ... ... middle of paper ... used to exposure the pesticide residue usually left residents stunned, giving them incentive to make change since they see the impacts with their own eyes. A productive way to get other communities to participate in learning-action processes is by providing advertised footage of the evidence provided by the florescent tracers with recommendations at the end of how to reduce exposure or announcing them over the radios. Once the communities now have a built up ethos about the problem, they would be more likely to get involved in training programs with practitioners and scientist on how to reduce pesticide exposure. By doing this then data can be collected to prove the improvement of health impacts and the reduction of exposure to farmers and their families, leading policy- makers to implement laws that require a safer use of pesticides in fields and in households.

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